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Im sorry ace...

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Im sorry ace... Empty Im sorry ace...

Post  WolfMan852 on Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:49 pm

Ace, i know im a bit of a "bad cop" on the server, but honestly its because of all the disrespect i've seen on it, people cussing each other off nonstop until they get the idea spamming is a good idea, i hate it and clearly everyone else does. I want to be a helper again, everyone on the server had no problems with me being helper (well at least the clean and understandable players) and i also said on the application that if i see anything that makes me upset i will be a little aggressive, my way of making players understand is by muting them then kicking them with a personal message letting them know they gotta chill. I'm aware that the reason i was demoted was because i made a rude comment to one of the players when i kicked them, but i was honeslt to my limit when that happened. But mainyl what i'm asking is to be a helper again, not a mod, not an admin, not an op, but a humble Helper. Ask around if they liked having me as helper, most will say yes even those who are my enemy.

Please ace... Im a fair player and when i became helper i never really asked for more, i was ok with /kick and /mute and never abused them, please ace...

Thank you
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